Aviation is perhaps the clearest and most dramatic expression of national sovereignty in our Air Age. The mastery of the air is a significant mark of technical maturity and is thus a basic necessity for every modern state, both as a military asset and as a means of communication, surveying, agricultural spraying and numerous other ends and uses.

The Ghana Air Force started on 20 Jul 1959 as a Flying Training School with Israeli Instructors and Technicians.  The School was the cradle of a Service which would later complement the other two Services the Army and Navy, to facilitate the realization of Dr Nkrumah’s vision of “Total Liberation of the Africa Continent”.

The Service got technical aid, instructors, equipment, training and aircraft from a variety of sources such as Israel, India, Pakistan, Canada, Britain, USA and USSR. This was a ploy by Dr Kwame Nkrumah to fast track the establishment of the Service, because as Maj Gen Alexander the then CDS wrote in his book entitled ‘‘The African Tightrope’’ that Dr Kwame Nkrumah was a man in a hurry and that he wanted things done today finished yesterday.

The Ghana Air Force was established basically to provide transport support to our ground and naval forces and was therefore made up solely of a transport squadron, until early 1965 when an offensive support element was added with the acquisition of Fighter Ground Attack aircraft Aer Macchi 326K from Italy.  The need for an offensive posture was to provide deterrence to would-be aggressors and thereby defend our territorial integrity.  The Ghana Air Force has, since, developed into a mainly transport-oriented force with a limited FGA capability.

The Ghana Air Force is made up of four Wings. These are the Operations Wing, Engineering Wing, Supply Wing and Administration Wing.

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Brazilian Defence Attaché Ends Tour of Duty

The Brazilian Defence Attaché (DA) based in Abuja, Col Aristoteles Martins Rocha has visited the General Headquarters (GHQ) to bid farewell as he ends his tour of duty and to introduce the newly appointed DA, Col Hervel Queiroz de Sousa on Tuesday, 18 July 2017 at Burma camp in Accra. The visit was also to […]

CAS admonishes troops to gear up

Chief of Air Staff, Air Vice Marshal Maxwell Mantsebi-Tei Nagai has admonished Officers, Airmen/Women and Civilian Employees of the Air Force Base Takoradi to adopt proper security posture at the unit’s entry points and borders by carrying out thorough checks on persons who enter and exit the unit. He said this is necessary and in […]

Defense Minister Visits KAIPTC

The Minister for Defense, Honorable Dominic Nitiwul, as part of a familiarization visit to the 5 Garrisson, called on the Executive Management Committee of the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC), to get himself acquainted with the operations of the Centre. After a detailed brief on the activities of the Centre by Mrs. Rosemond […]

13 Pilots Decorated with Pilots’ Wings

 Thirteen (13) young officers of the Ghana Air Force were on Friday 28 July 2017 decorated with their pilot wings at a short ceremony at the Air Forces Officers Mess in Takoradi following their successful completion of their Ab-initio Piloting Course. Air Vice Marshal Maxwell Mantsebi-Tei Nagai after decorating the new pilots said, receiving the […]

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