AFB Accra

The Base Commander is an aircrew Officer and is responsible to the CAS for the efficient running of this Unit. He deputizes in the absence of CAS. The Base operates on the 4 Branch/Wing System.  These are the Flying, Engineering, Supply and Administration.  The Officer Commanding the Wings are normally Wing Commanders except the OC Flying who is a Group Captain.

(1)     Flying Wing. The Flying Wing is the operational Wing of the Base.  The Wing has 3 operational squadrons.

  • Communications Squadron.
  • No 4 Squadron (FGA).
  • No 3 Squadron (Heli).

(2)     The Admin, Supply and Engineering Wings are organic to every Unit for the support of the operational Flying Wing.  The Admin Wing provides the daily administration of all personnel on the Base, works and barracks services.  The Supply Wing provisions and provides for all stores and equipment whilst the Engineering Wing services the aircraft and associated ground support equipment, armament and weapons.

(3)     Co-located with the Base are the School of Trade Training and the No 5 Force Movement Unit (FMU).  The School provides initial, basic and advanced professional training for airmen and also runs some technical courses for the Navy and Army on request.