AFB Takoradi

The Base has 3 co-located units. These are:

(1)    Flying Training School. This school undertakes basic and advance pilot training for Ghana Air Force pilots. Unfortunately, the school has been under-resourced for some years now and can only carry out Ground School Training and initial screening of potential pilots.  Training of pilots is presently done in the USA.

(2)     No 1 Maintenance Unit. This is an equipment and stores depot for GAF but no longer in existence due to the stoppage of strategic procurement.

(3)     Air Force Recruit Training School.   The AFRTS is semi-autonomous.  Just like the S of TT in Accra, it is administratively run by the Base though it is directly under the control of the DTRG at the AFHQ. It carries out basic military training for new airmen and on-the-job-training for them when they pass out.