The Ghana Military Academy on Friday 18 September 2020 held a graduation dinner for Regular Career Course intake 60 and Short Service Commission/Special Duties Course 58 at the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College at Teshie.

The Guest of Honour, the Commandant MATS, Maj Gen Charles Awitty in his address stated that tutorial dinner essentially serves as a teaching vehicle where officer cadets are afforded the opportunity to practice their fundamental officer training, know how a military dinner is organized and also to know how an officer is expected to behave during such occasions.

He said the occasion also gives the cadet an opportunity to interact with seasoned senior officers from whom they could draw inspirations and learn from their rich experiences.

He entreated the cadets to conduct themselves as worthy officers upon commission especially in their dealings with the civil populace and in joint operations with other security agencies. This he said, will surely maintain the good name of their cherished military profession.

Maj Gen Awitty assured them to bear in mind that they have the trust of the people of the nation but to live up to this calling, they must strive to be mentally robust and attain high physical and moral standards so as to gain the confidence of the troops they will be privileged to lead and that of the tax payer whose toil keeps them in the uniform.

He also charged them to remain resolute, focused and take every remaining aspect of their training serious as they approach the final stages of their training in the academy.

He congratulated the cadets for the hectic training they have gone through over the period in the face of the COVID 19 pandemic and also urged them to continue to adhere to command directives and guidelines for the prevention of the pandemic.